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Scrap aluminum foil preparation of polyaluminum chloride

Asian Aluminium Depot Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2015

Poly aluminum chloride is often used as an inorganic polymer flocculants. Raw material for producing polymeric aluminum chloride sources widely laid the Foundation for its development. In particular, production of a wide variety, it provides convenience for the development of polymeric aluminum chloride.

International and domestic of inorganic polymer flocculant production and application of the well-established, research has also made further development. Raw materials mainly include bauxite, aluminum hydroxide, waste molecular sieve catalyst and so on, are prepared by wet, electrolysis, etc. Some scholars believe that the recycling of waste aluminium foil have a high economic value. His experimental study on the preparation of polymeric aluminum chloride by using waste aluminum foil the best conditions and the scope of the clean water.

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